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4550-631 - Raiva
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We already know that we have amazing rooms, breathtaking views, sublime decor, meals to eat and beg for more.

We have all of this, but we want more. We want your holidays to be unforgettable in all aspects. For you to have unique experiences that will forever be in your memory. Thinking about this we have developed some activities for all tastes and ages, which you can do while you are with us.

Let yourself go.

Check out all the experiences.


There are those who like the easy way and those who prefer the more winding paths.
This experience is for the last ones. The best way to get to know the region: start with a boat trip and end on the off road rails between Favaios and Pinhão. In the middle you get to know a farm of the region, taste the wines, go to Enoteca do Douro and enjoy a lunch at Quinta da Avessada.
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No polluting engine, but with four-legged traction.
A horse ride is the best way to get to know the hidden secrets of the Serra do Marão. Begin your trip at Baião Riding Center. From there you can explore nature with lunch at Mafomedes and stops at Senhora da Serra and Fraga da Ermida.
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The best of both worlds.
This experience combines a jeep off road trip and a horse ride through Serra de Montedeiras, for those who do not know which way of transportation they prefer. The beginning of the trip is made by jeep, between Marco de Canaveses and the Riding Center of Rosém, and continues on horseback. .
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PAIVA WALKWAYS | Wild nature
Around the walkway, nature.
Going through the Paiva's walkways is a must. And doing it with a guide is the best way to know everything that matters: from curiosities about the local flora to information on the geology of the area.
And in the end there is still time for a picnic. .
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SHEPHERD'S FOOTPRINTS | Portuguese Mountains
Where will the shepherd be?
Embark on this all-terrain adventure guided by the Serra de Montemuro towards the Aveloso Valley and that will lead you to visit places that would otherwise be inaccessible.
And if all goes well you will be able to see the shepherd and his flock.
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LOST VILLAGES | Aldeias de Xisto
An abandoned village.
The right tour for those who like mystery. Let yourself be guided through the Serra de S. Macário, Arada and Freita to the lost village of Drave, uninhabited since 2009. Stroll through the streets of this shale village and then follow the path to the village of Pena for lunch.
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LIVING THE DOURO | Douro Vinhateiro
Go up the river and get to know the Douro.
Enjoy the moment on board the traditional boats of the Douro and discover the breathtaking views, enjoy the banks of the river and let yourself go.
A full day trip where you will have time to visit a farm where you will participate in a wine tasting, have lunch at Quinta da Avessada and travel through the region's palates at the Enoteca do Douro and Museu do Pão.
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GREEN WINES | Wines of Castelo de Paiva
Oh, they're green!
If there is something not to be missed in the area of Castelo de Paiva it’s the green wines. Thinking about this we have guided tours to Quinta do Outeiro - Paiva Valley and Quinta do Algar.
Discover how these characteristic wines are produced. We left the best to the end: a wine tasting that will delight the wine lovers.
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QUINTA CORGA DE CHÃ | Wines of Castelo de Paiva
Inside a glass of wine there is a paradise to be discovered.
In the place of Paraíso (meaning: Paradise) is located Quinta Corga de Chã, where green wine is produced for three generations. Visit the farm, taste the wines that are made there, and if you are curious, you can also take a walk to pick up mushrooms or do a mycological tour.
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DOURO LOVERS | Port Wine Demarcated Region
Smooth water sailors.
A trip in a classic guided car, a traditional Douro boat ride, a wine tasting and a lunch. What else do you need for an ideal day?
At first sight, nothing. But because we are big givers you will also visit the Enoteca do Douro, the Bread and Wine Museum and the Adega Cooperativa de Favaios.
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BOAT RIDE | Douro landscapes
A relaxing experience.
An hour or two: you choose.
Take a boat trip taking advantage of the unique landscape that the Douro River offers you. The trip starts at the hotel's dock and goes to the mouth of the Arda River or, alternatively, to the mouth of the Paiva River with a stop at Ilha dos Amores (meaning: Love Island).
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Ideal for those who like that feeling of butterflies in the stomach.
This descent of the Paiva River in pneumatic boat is a real adventure. The beginning is in Espiunca beach but the end always depends on the flow of the river. But one thing is certain, between the beginning and the end of the course there is always much adrenaline.
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An adventure to make you shiver down the spine.
There are several ways to live the Douro River. There are quiet boat trips to see the sights and then there are water sports. From Water Ski or Wake Board, the Douro lives intensely in tow of a speedboat.
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Row to discover the Douro.
For those who like to discover the natural surroundings on their own, then kayaking is an excellent option.
Embark on the hotel's dock and paddle along the banks of the Douro River in a single or double kayak.
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It's all about balance.
Want to enjoy the Douro River but prefer a quiet activity? Then the Stand-up Paddle is perfect for you. Choose the duration of the tour and depart from the hotel pier to discover the biodiversity of the Douro.
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